Choppin' It Up with...

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Submit to be a guest on Chopping it Up: a podcast where restaurant owners will have the opportunity to tell their story. A place where you can talk about the sacrifices, the rewards, the struggles, the great moments and the not so great ones, and anything else you consider important.

We love the food, beverage and hospitality industry and our connections to it run deep. We’re happy to tell you a little about ourselves but right now YOU are the ones who matter. From industry veterans and big names to mom-and-pop shop owners and the upholders of generations of family food  to the innovators, influencers and next generation of food stars - we’re here for it all and we look forward to getting to know you.

Ideal guests: Right now we’re mostly looking to book restaurant owners and restaurateurs of all kinds: pizza joints, neighborhood faves, family restaurants, food trucks, cafes, diners, international fare, gastropubs, eclectic dining, franchises, fine dining, Michelin starred, pop-ups, ghost kitchens, new food ventures. (What did we miss? You can tell us below) 

But we’re also open to hospitality group owners, chefs, industry veterans, food journalists, innovators, influencers or anyone doing something new, interesting, unique or fun with food. 

Want to apply? First, let's get to know you and/or your business