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Start saving more on every order today. Say goodbye to costly third-party platforms and say hello to OrderChop, a commission-free online ordering solution specifically designed for savvy restaurateurs. Keep 100% of your profits while providing a seamless online ordering experience to your customers.

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Unleash the power of a comprehensive platform that combines online ordering, SMS, email, and direct mail marketing - all without the burden of monthly fees or commissions. With OrderChop, you pay just a small one-time fee to gain access to a suite of tools that will not only streamline your operations but also actively grow your customer base and boost profits. Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms and high costs, and say hello to efficiency and savings. From commission-free pickup and delivery to effective marketing strategies, OrderChop is the partner you need to take your restaurant to the next level

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Are High Commissions and Monthly Fees Draining Your Profits?

Tired of giving away a chunk of your earnings to third-party platforms or being locked into expensive monthly subscriptions? OrderChop is here to change that.


For far too long, restaurants have been subjected to high commissions and monthly fees just to provide online ordering - a must in today's digital age. These costs can quickly add up, eating into your hard-earned profits. But with OrderChop, that's a worry of the past. Our platform empowers you to take control of your online ordering, all for a small one-time fee. No monthly charges, no commissions on each order - just a straightforward, fair pricing model that respects your business

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The Burden of Unfair Commissions

Are you letting third-party platforms take a significant cut of your hard-earned revenue? With OrderChop, you keep every penny of your profits. No commissions, no hidden fees

  • Commission Cuts into Your Profits

  • Lack of Control Over Pricing

The Drain of Recurring Fees

Are you weighed down by monthly fees that add up over time? OrderChop eliminates these with a simple, affordable one-time fee.

  • Never-Ending Payments

  • Unpredictable Costs

$99 for Life!

Imagine what you could do with the money you save from high commissions and monthly fees. Invest in your menu, enhance your customer service, or simply boost your bottom line.


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This Is How OrderChop Solves Your Online Ordering Challenges

OrderChop is easy to set up, integrates seamlessly with your existing POS through itsacheckmate, and connects you with reliable delivery partners like Shipday and InhouseDelivery. Enjoy the benefits of online ordering without the downsides.

Ease of Setup: OrderChop is designed with simplicity in mind. Setting up our system is a breeze, which means you can start benefiting from online ordering without any technical headaches.

Integration with Existing POS: We know how important your existing POS system is to your operations. That's why OrderChop integrates seamlessly with your POS through Itsacheckmate. You won't need to replace or overhaul your current system – we fit right in.

Reliable Delivery Partners: Don't let delivery logistics slow you down. With OrderChop, you gain access to reliable delivery partners like Shipday and InhouseDelivery. Or you can choose to use your own delivery staff if that's what works best for your restaurant. You can trust that your orders will get where they need to go, on time, every time.

Step 1 Sign Up

Getting started with OrderChop is as simple as signing up. Fill out our form, and we'll get in touch to understand your needs better

Is the signup process complex?

No! Signup with OrderChop is simple and straightforward. We've streamlined the process to get your restaurant online as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, our dedicated support team is here to help

Step 2 Integration

We'll work with you to integrate OrderChop with your existing POS system. Our team will ensure the process is seamless and that you're comfortable with the new setup.

You can also use Orderchop as a standalone service that doesn't connect to your POS.

Does OrderChop integrate with my existing POS system?

Yes, OrderChop integrates seamlessly with your existing POS through itsacheckmate. This means your online orders and in-store operations are perfectly synced. If you have a different system, get in touch with us, and we'll do our best to facilitate integration.

Step 3 Equipment Setup

We'll provide you with a tablet and printer that are pre-configured to work with OrderChop. Accepting and managing online orders will be as easy as using these devices

Is it hard to get started?

Not at all! You'll receive a tablet and a printer designed for easy order management. Plus, we'll guide you and your staff through the setup process and how to use the provided equipment. You don't need any technical expertise to get started.

Step 4 Training

We'll guide you and your staff through how to use OrderChop and the provided equipment, ensuring everyone is comfortable with managing online orders

How do I train my staff to use OrderChop?

We've got you covered. Our team will guide you and your staff on how to use OrderChop and the provided equipment. This ensures that everyone is comfortable with managing online orders, reducing the chances of errors and improving your service delivery

Step 5 Go Live

Once you're ready, we'll activate your online ordering. From then on, you'll enjoy commission-free orders, streamlined deliveries, and more satisfied customers.

What happens after setup and training?

After setup and training, you're ready to go live! You can start accepting online orders immediately. Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of online ordering without worrying about commission fees. With OrderChop, more profits stay in your pocket!

This is Why Restaurants Go With OrderChop

Join the growing number of restaurateurs who've said goodbye to high commissions and hello to higher profits with OrderChop. Check out our customer testimonials and see the difference for yourself. But don't just take their word for it. Look at the amazing features you get when you sign up with OrderChop.

  1. Beautiful mobile-first website: Enhance your customer's experience with an attractive, mobile-optimized website that makes ordering a breeze.

  2. Powerful online ordering: Boost your revenue and save on third-party fees with our powerful, commission-free online ordering capabilities.

  3. Memberships: Become a member of our community as an affiliate partner or platform reseller, and enjoy recurring commissions or mark up the price and earn the difference.

  4. Marketing automation: Attract more customers with pre-made funnels through our marketing automation capabilities. No fuss, just more customers.

  5. Email marketing: Stay top of mind with your customers. Offer promotions, wish them happy birthdays, or simply show off your scrumptious food with our easy-to-use email marketing functions​.

  6. SMS marketing: Reach your customers directly on their phones and encourage repeat business with our straightforward SMS marketing tools​1.

  7. Review generation: Improve your online reputation with quality reviews. Our platform makes it easy to send follow-up reminders, asking your satisfied customers to leave that all-important review.

  8. Food delivery: Partner with trusted delivery services like DoorDash, Postmates, and Uber without paying any commission fees or surrendering your customer data.

  9. Loyalty & Rewards: Boost recurring revenue with our proven loyalty program. Automate emails and manage your reputation to keep your customers coming back.

  10. POS Integrations: OrderChop works with every POS, so there's no need to buy new tech. Benefit from hassle-free automatic ticket printing and quick payouts.

  11. Preorders: Even when you're not open, your customers can still place their orders. Let them choose when they want to receive their food with our preorders feature.

  12. Timed Menus: Offer lunch or dinner specials? With our timed menus, you can display menus based on the time of day and specific days of the week. No more lunch orders in the evening.

OrderChop is not just about online ordering; it's a comprehensive solution to help your restaurant thrive. So why wait? Sign up today and start enjoying the benefits.

We Improve X Metric By 120% In [Short Period Of Time]

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John Doe
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We Improve X Metric By 120% In [Short Period Of Time]

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John Doe
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