Attention Leduc Restauranteurs!

Reclaim your power and boost your profits at our exclusive webinar crafted especially for you. We're opening our doors to only 20 dedicated restaurant owners who are ready to take back control from restaurant apps like UberEats, Skip, and DoorDash, and stop them from gobbling up your hard-earned profits. Our expert-led webinar will provide you with effective marketing strategies that can skyrocket your delivery orders by over 30% each month!

We'll share actionable insights to help engage your customers and encourage them to order more meals every month. Don't miss this unique opportunity to transform your business.

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You'll Learn How To:

Take back control from the big apps

Did you know UberEats, DoorDash etc keep your client data? We show you how to get that back and how to use it to EXPLODE your restaurant

Manage your own client data

If you have a system that allows you to control your own client data, that makes you your own UberEats and a marketing power house.

Implement a predictive marketing system

The OrderChop marketing systems are a gold mine for restaurants. Imagine being able to get 1000 extra delivery orders every month! 

Stop sending Silicon Valley Money

Most restaurants that we speak to are spending 1000's of dollars every month on the main delivery apps. We'll show you how to stop that.

A simple marketing hack that changes the game

We'll show you a simple marketing strategy that you can repeat every single month to add that extra kick in revenue! So simple!

Event Details

Monday 29th of January at 3pm MST

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