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Jaime Santiago

Founder, My Pizza Shop and OrderChop

Our Roots are in Restaurants Founded with Food, Grown with Tech and Digital Marketing Expertise

Orderchop was founded by Jaime Santiago, a former pizza delivery guy turned systems administrator turned digital Restaurant Marketing professional. He's spent over 20 years in the restaurant, hospitality, food and beverage, and tech industries.

When COVID-19 hit and Jaime knew he had to do something big to help restaurants. In October 2014 he launched My Pizza Shop and immediately helped restaurants in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area take control of their delivery destiny during the Covid closures so they not only could stay open but generate even more revenue and keep paying their employees while delivering food directly to their hungry customers stuck at home during lock down.

The business quickly expanded nationwide and into all food categories and genres. Starting with pizza places, Italian restaurants, and mom-and-pop shops and expanding into everything from upscale dining, food trucks, catering companies, and ghost kitchens - they had everyone covered during COVID.

The business became a family affair with his wife Maria (who he met at the first pizzeria he worked at - she was his manager!) and his brother-in-law joined in to help the growing company.

As My Pizza Restaurant expanded Jaime got to flex his technical skills and put his digital marketing for business skills into action. Using restaurant funnels, restaurant-specific SEO, advanced marketing techniques, and his proprietary customer acquisition and retention techniques they also advanced their position as a leader in online ordering and restaurant marketing.

Jaime expanded his business, hired a larger team, partnered with sales and media experts and Orderchop was born.

Now Orderchop has helped hundreds of restaurants nationwide in the US and in Cananda skyrocket their revenue, improve their online reputation, expand their customer base, increase customer retention, and make money while enjoying being in the restaurant business again.

Jaime lives in NJ with his wife Maria and two rambunctious dogs. The Orderchop team lives in NYC, nationwide, with additional international team members around the world.


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The team behind Orderchop

We believe that your restaurant's online presence is an essential part of your overall marketing and branding strategies. Our focus is to help you find the most effective online solution to meet those needs. Established in 2013. Our mission is to help restaurants increase their presence and bottom line, online.


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Food Tasters

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Social Media & pr

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