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Bypass third party fees by boosting your online sales with a complete platform, designed for the restaurant industry.

Orderchop Services
Louie Scaff

These guys know what they're doing. We've been skyrocketing our sales in the internet the last couple of years.

Gerry Tanga

We've been working with OrderChop for years now. They work nonstop to get us more orders.

Joe Russo Villa Borghese 2.

We sell more in our website than all of our third parties combined by far.

Show off what makes your restaurant special

Our attractive websites are specially designed for the restaurant sector to maximize your chances of boosting sales.

A mobile app interface displaying a food recommendation feature with images of various dishes.

Modern web design

We gracefully guide your visitors exactly where you want them to go. To the checkout.

Make your food pop off the screen

Your food becomes the star of the show to inspire more purchases from hungry visitors.

But that's just the beginning...

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Welcome to the crème de la crème of restaurant platforms

A woman is looking at her smartphone displaying a food app while holding a fork with a bite of food, with a discount tag icon in the corner suggesting a deal or promotion.

Take control of your marketing

Your delicious food may attract website visitors. But how many are only eating with their eyes? Get their details and make irresistable offers with our restaurant funnels.

Get more orders on your platform

Paying commissions on third party apps directly eats into your profits. We help you attract and retain more regular customers to command the full price you deserve.

Sliced steak and greens on a plate, showcased alongside an open food app on a tablet.
A smiling customer service representative wearing a headset at a workstation while another image shows someone typing on a keyboard.

Unrivaled support when you need it

Got a question or a problem? From setting up to ongoing help, we are always on hand to provide you with expert support.


OrderChop unleashes the full power of your restaurant’s website by:

  • Building your own customer database.
  • Collecting real customer feedback.
  • Upselling at opportune moments.
  • Claiming more direct online customers.
  • Driving sales and measuring results.

We believe you should get paid what you deserve.

It’s your restaurant. Your food. So, what are you paying third party apps for?

Not only do they take a cut, but they also benefit from your customers’ data and post reviews that aren’t necessarily fair.

It’s time to have your say. It’s time to get paid what you deserve.

Entirely Risk-Free

OrderChop is an entirely risk-free platform for all our partners. And that’s a guarantee.

Ready to take control of your Online Sales?